Spaghetti Dinner!!

Spaghetti dinner February 8th 2015 Benefit Tierra Madre Horse Sancuary

Run boys, Run!

Iron Man and Slayer

Iron Man and Slayer

New Year, New Look

Welcome, Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary visitors!


We are thrilled to launch our new website! It could not have happened without two people. A huge thank you goes to Robert Mattocks of Produced by Deuce and his team for all of their hard work in meeting our demands and creating this beautiful site, and many thanks go to Tierra Madre’s ranch manager – Bre – for hiring and working with Robert over the course of several weeks to make this site happen. We all hope you will find this site interactive, informative and fun to navigate. Lots of great changes have been happening around Tierra Madre in the past few months. With new employees on the management team, new volunteers, new policies and new horses, we are really hoping to accomplish some great things during this new year. (Was that enough “new” for you?) We are experimenting with different social media accounts and really striving to keep the outside world updated on the happenings at our sanctuary.


Our goals for the new year are endless, but one of our main objectives is to draw more people to the ranch so they can help us keep running things smoothly (or as smoothly as possible!) and spoil our beloved herd. Other goals we have for Tierra Madre include re-establishing our board of directors, planning new, creative and successful fundraisers, improving a few things around the ranch such as establishing a tack room organization system (and perhaps including a bigger fridge for the volunteers), and fixing some of our stalls that still haven’t recovered from the nasty rain we had a few months back. With the love and support from you and our volunteers, we know we can make all that happen and more. There is never a dull day around this place, so with goals as big as ours, we are looking forward to the new year with all of its challenges, craziness and excitement.


On behalf of our founder and executive director, Jim Gath, our wonderful volunteers and staff and 30 incredible horses, we’d like to welcome you to this new website and a new age at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary. Whether you’ve known us for years or are just stopping by to see what we’re all about, we consider you to be part of our family and you are welcome to visit any day.Thank you for your unbridled support. Here’s to the new year and to endless possibilities!




Alexis Roeckner
Ranch Director

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