Sound the horns.
Beat the drums.
We are calling on our friends and supporters and followers – our family – to join us on the most critical campaign we’ve had in a long while.
We’re calling it the Power Up Rain Campaign.
As you know, our Rain was diagnosed with acute laminitis on Monday, October 10th. Luckily, we caught this horrible disease very early on, and we all – our vet at Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center, Jim, Abel, all our volunteers and I – are extremely hopeful that we can beat it.
Most importantly, Rain is hopeful. Her attitude these past few days has been great. She’s walking with discomfort, to be sure, but she’s walking. She’s diving into her (closely monitored) food at mealtimes. She’s pinning her ears when Solo saunters by in the morning hoping to schmooze her a bit. She’s being herself, and that is the best thing in the world to see.
Jim and I and the doc have put together an action plan to beat this thing.
In short, our action plan is to fight.
We’re gonna FIGHT.
Because acute laminitis, in some cases, is a killer. We’ve lost three horses to it in the number of years we’ve been in operation and we’ve managed to save one: Hollywood. And a year from now, we’re going to be saying we’ve saved two of our kids from it.
We don’t give up. We don’t give in. We march into battle against all the odds and you better believe we make our battle cries loud – LOUD – and clear:
We win these.
And this is where you come in. This is where you join us as we forward march.
We win our battles with the strength of our family at our backs. This kind of support comes in the form of the hours put in by our amazing volunteers who help us keep this place running. It comes in the form of phone calls, texts, messages, emails, and comments from you all giving us well wishes and writing words of love and support for our little girl. And it comes in the form of financial support.
That last one is critical.
So here’s the deal: We’ve broken Rain’s current and future needs into three categories:
‘Stuff’ is pretty descriptive, right? Don’t worry, I’ll clarify that in a minute.
So far, we’ve spent $671.28 on vet bills, with more to come since the vet was just out yesterday with our farrier to work on Rain’s feet. Mind you, we haven’t gotten these bills yet – this is just what I see coming out of our account online from Chaparral. Once I get those bills we’ll do a breakdown of those charges (like X-rays and medicine).
Yesterday cost us $50 to have our two wonderful farriers work on Rain’s feet with vet supervision (and because those two are so good to us I know they didn’t charge us their usual full amount).
As for STUFF… we’ve needed to spend $236.74 on soft ride boots for our little girl; $125.82 on bedding for her stall; $30.99 on a special kind of low-starch grain; and $20.15 on miscellaneous supplies which include syringes for her medicine and a short hose that we can connect to the sink in the tack room which makes it easier for us to fill her hay soaking bucket with water. Total amount for STUFF: $413.70.
Ten days in to our battle, we’re looking at $1,134.98, with another vet bill on the way and undoubtedly more to come.
NOW… We will be grant seeking and planning some fundraisers to help offset these costs plus our anticipated expenses for Rain over the next month on top of our admin costs, hay for the other 31 kids, facility upkeep, etc. It’s not fair of us to throw this entire campaign on your shoulders, and we don’t plan to.
But we sure could use your help.
I wanted to make or order something special to send to you “campaigners” who pitch in financially – whether it’s $50 or $5 – as a token of our gratitude for your support. At first, I thought of t-shirts that said POWER UP, RAIN! on them. Then I thought of wristbands, mugs, canvas bags… what could we offer donors, besides our usual handwritten postcard, that would show you our sincere and utter thanks for being a part of this battle?
In the end, I went with these prints (see picture). And not just because these cost me about ten bucks for a billion of them and I just couldn’t justify spending a bunch of money on something like t-shirts when we have these bills coming in.
No, I love this shot of Rain. To me, it shows so much.
You see, I took that shot just weeks before she gave birth to Sunny, only a few months after she’d been living at Tierra Madre. At that point, she’d transformed from the skinny, sad, timid little girl living in the round pen who flinched whenever anyone approached her to the spirited mustang who yelled for her food and happily explored the property when volunteers took her on walks.
And you can see it in her eyes in that picture.
When she came through our gates and when we told her story, people all around the country fell in love with her. She brought us new friends, new supporters, and new enthusiasm for our work. She brought new life to the ranch – figuratively and literally.
She brought us Sunny.
That’s why I suggested the name Rain when we were trying to decide what to call her. In the desert, it is a precious resource, and it gives life.
And so, if you take up our arms with us and join our campaign by making a donation in amount of your choice, we will send you this print of our baby girl so you can always have a picture of the mustang who changed Tierra Madre forever when she walked through our gates.
She’s still changing lives.
She’s still inspiring us every day.
And we will fight for her.
We will fight, and we will win.
So… let’s go, campaigners.
Right now we need $1,100 and I know we’ll need more later… but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
Even if you can’t donate, please ‘like,’ comment, and share this post so Rain’s story gets told. And “thank you,” won’t even come close to expressing our gratitude.
Because this isn’t just about raising funds – it’s about rallying together to beat this acute laminitis. It’s about working together to save a mustang in the middle of the Sonoran Desert with a story to tell and a life to live.
Join the march for our little girl and take up our battle cry:
Gather your strength, campaigners.
We’ve only just begun.
Ranch Director



Dang, you guys.
This month has given us vet bills we could stack as high as Bentley. And Bentley is our biggest horse.
Because we’re a nonprofit, we believe in total transparency when it comes to money around here. We’ll tell you where every penny goes and when we could use some extra help. And right now, some extra help would be awfully appreciated.
As you guys know, we’ve had a few cases of chronic laminitis around here the past few months. When we add this to our usual medicine expenses for the month, our medical bills for the month of July have really piled up. Like we said, we could stack them as high as Bentley, who’d probably try to taste test some of them in the hopes they taste like carrots.
We’ll cut to the chase: Our fundraising goal for the next month is $4,000. And we’ll break all that down for you in a minute.
First, we want to announce something we haven’t done now in some time… a raffle!
We want to make contributing financially to our case fun and rewarding to each of our amazing donors. So, from now until Monday, August 15st, with every $25 donation you will not only receive one of our brand new thank you postcards (going out in the mail soon to our 2016 donors!)….. you will receive one raffle ticket that will be entered in a grand drawing.
“What can I win?” you ask? We’ll tell you:
FIRST PRIZE: Two tickets to Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary’s annual benefit dinner and silent auction and a custom horse painting (applies for local donors only). VALUE: $200.
SECOND PRIZE: One Tierra Madre package which consists of a t-shirt in the size of your choice, a Tierra Madre decal sticker, a paperback copy of I Hear You, Horse by Jim Gath, and a custom horse painting. VALUE: $85.
THIRD PRIZE: One framed 5×7 picture of the Tierra Madre horse of your choice plus one custom horse painting. VALUE: $40.
Each raffle ticket is $25, and 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to helping us meet our $4,000 goal.
Did you donate to us in July? Then you’re already in! You will be contacted with your raffle ticket numbers within the next few days. On Tuesday, August 16th, we will have three of our horses pick the winning numbers on a live feed. Then, the winners will be contacted via email or phone number (depending on what form of contact you’ve left for us.)
By the way….if you buy a ticket for our benefit dinner and silent auction, you will receive FOUR raffle tickets. And yes – by purchasing benefit tickets, this means you can potentially win two more to give away to family or friends!
Now, let’s take a look at those costs….
This morning (Friday, July 22), our vet is visiting to inject Studley’s latest summer sore under his chin. His past few bills have amounted to roughly $300 each, so while we have not received the bill from today’s procedure, we anticipate another $300 for our resident punk ass.
[Total: $300.00]
Chiquita’s X-rays from July 14 are broken down as follows:
Call charge – $57
Radiographic set up fee – $22
Dormosedan – $25.48
Butorphanol – $27.36
Xylazine – $25
OSHA compliance fee – $3
Digital X-ray P-3 LF – $102
Digital X-ray P-3 RF – $102
Total: 363.84
We have also purchased special soft-ride boots for Chiquita for $236.74. This leads us to:
[Total: $600.58]
Sonora also was diagnosed with a minor bout of chronic laminitis. Her vet bills – also from July 14 – were as follows:
Digital X-ray P-3 LF – $102
Digital X-ray P-3 RF – $102
Total: $204
Additionally, we bought Sonora a pair of soft-ride booties as well at a total of $236.74. This bring us to:
[Total: $440.74]
~Sweet Boy~
Sweet Boy has received a diagnosis of long-term chronic laminitis in his front left hoof. His X-ray bills – also from July 14 – were as follows:
~Other medicine expenses~
This month, we have gone through…
…one tub of bute (phenylbutazone powder) and have just purchased another. Bute is given to our chronic laminitis cases plus a few others with joint stiffness. Cost: $48.26 for one tub.
…seven tubes of Equioxx for Bentley. Cost: at $5.68 each, this comes to $39.76.
…1 50mg/cc of Flunixin for Bentley. Cost: $36.82
…60 pills of Previcox (30 227mg and 30 57 mg) for Heighten, Chiquita, Sonora, Sweet Boy, Cadence, and Bentley. Cost: $335.58
[Total: $460.42]
Now, when we aim for a goal, we aim high. As you all know, these medical bills don’t cover our facility upkeep costs, labor, or food. And our horses love to eat.
So, to make this fundraiser goal a round number, we’re asking for $4,000.
Where’s that additional $1,630.42 going, you ask?
Well, this morning, we got a squeeze of alfalfa delivered to the cost of $1,100.00.
We’re also getting our manure dumpster switched out to the tune of $310.00.
And, $220.42 will cover the cost of roughly 5 bags of wheat bran and 6 bags of equine senior grain, which will last us a little more than a week.
Grand, grand, GRAND total comes to $4,000.
The good news? We’re already almost HALFWAY there! Thanks to YOUR generosity, we have $1,783 of our desired amount so far.
Done seeing numbers? We’ll stop now.
And we’ll end this by saying there is simply no way to tell you how much your support means to us.
Because you see, we don’t just appreciate the money itself when you contribute to our cause.
With every donation we receive – whether it’s a few bucks or the funds to buy enough carrots to fill our arena – we celebrate that people care about our little organization and our mission.
With every donation we receive, we know that somewhere out there, someone has made the selfless decision to give some of his or her hard earned money so one of our horses can enjoy a meal.
With every donation we receive, we are struck with the fact that our job might not be easy, but with the support of our family across the nation, we can do anything.
With every donation we receive, we are reminded that no matter what kind of hell our horses are going through, we can make them better.
And we do.
Like Jim always says, we win these.
Can’t donate? Trust us, we of all people understand how tight money gets. Don’t you think for a second you’re not part of our family.
Because with every comment you post expressing your love for our horses and encouraging us to keep going, we are reminded all over again why we do what we do.
So, village, whether it’s by dropping us $25 by clicking HERE or sharing the heck out of this post – let’s raise that $4,000. Three of you will win fabulous prizes, but if I’m allowed to be cheesy here for a moment, you all deserve prizes for your kindness, your generosity, and your friendship.
You make Tierra Madre happen. You keep us going.
I hope you never forget that.

Happy Fourth of July from our herd!


Annual Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction


It’s that time of year again! Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary is throwing its annual benefit dinner and silent auction on September 24th at the beautiful Carefree Resort and Conference Center.
Last year, we had our very first benefit dinner and silent auction which was our highest-grossing fundraiser in the history of our tiny organization. We had over 100 people in attendance and raised over $8,000 for our horses’ food and medical care. Our second time around, we have our goals set even higher!
The deadline to purchase tickets will be Tuesday, September 20th. Please purchase your tickets here at eventbrite.com! The direct link is: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tierra-madre-horse-sanctuarys-2nd-annual-benefit-dinner-and-silent-auction-tickets-24790252312.
We are looking forward to seeing you in the Carefree Resort’s Opera House come September 24th!

Volunteer Orientation Dates


To our friends, supporters, and visitors,
Where did this year go? We blinked and we are nearly halfway through the year. The ranch had some beautiful spring weather, but we have officially settled into summer mode. With fully functioning misters, hoses running at all hours of the day, and lots of sun screen and water bottles laying around for the humans behind the ranch, we are gearing up for a long, hot summer.
We wanted to share the volunteer orientation dates for the remainder of the year. If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out an application HERE and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you.
See you around the ranch!
Alexis Roeckner
Ranch Director
Please note that all orientations are held between 8 and 10am and that while there is no September orientation, there are two October ones.
*Monday, June 13
Saturday, June 25
Saturday, July 30
Saturday, August 27
Saturday, October 1
Saturday, October 29
Saturday, November 19
Saturday, December 17
*This is our last Monday orientation!

Tierra Madre Help A Horse Day


Mark your calendars for April 23rd! Tierra Madre is throwing an Earth Day celebration you won’t want to miss.
With this event, we are taking part of the ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day contest, and you attendance can help us win up to $25,000!
Download a flyer for yourself below, and feel free to share them around.
help a horse day flyer FINAL
See you there!

A Vino and Canvas Painting Party!



Come out to the ranch and paint for a cause! Tierra Madre has joined up with Vino and Canvas to provide an experience where you get to create your very own horse themed masterpiece under a professional artist’s guidance. Fun for all ages! Everything provided! Food and drink will be provided. Cost per ticket is $35 and you must register in advance at vinoandcanvas.com. Please register by March 2nd to ensure participation. Only 30 spaces available, so register soon!

The event is March 5th from 10am-12pm!

Save the Date!


Well, guys, it’s that time of year to start planning our second (!) annual benefit dinner and silent auction. We are thrilled to announce that our event will be taking place at the Carefree Resort and Conference Center on September 24, 2016. Keep an eye on the website for those early bird deals on tickets! Ticket prices are going to be up slightly this time around, and we want to make sure you’re prepared.
(Picture taken by Ray² Photography.)
At this time, we are looking for committee members to join us in planning this incredible event. Are you interested in being on a fun, hardworking team? Are you looking to spend an hour a week using your talents, whatever they may be? Do you want to work for a great cause? Yes? Then you are ready to be the magic behind an event that was our most successful fundraiser in our history and will likely surpass all our expectations again! Join our benefit committee today – shoot me an email me at alexisroeckner@gmail.com to express your interest. I hope to see many new faces this time around!
Alexis Roeckner
Ranch Director

2015 In Review


Well, hello 2016!
This holiday season we sat down to reflect upon 2015, and what a year we’ve had! Towards the end of January, we sent one of our oldest and greatest mares, our angel Miss Akira, to a well-deserved future in the Great Herd. Not a month later we saved a pregnant mare from slaughter just in the nick of time. March and April brought two new Thoroughbreds to our ranks – a skittish four-year-old gelding who had not even made it to the starting gates and a two-year-old filly with neurological issues in her hind legs, rendering her unridable. Then, in mid-May, Tierra Madre witnessed its first beginning when our pregnant mare, who we named Rain, gave birth to a beautiful filly: Sunny.
We made it through the brutal summer thanks to lots of water, the misters in each of the horses’ stalls, and a whole lot of determination from our volunteers. We dealt with the usual abscesses, minor sicknesses here and there, and – in one gelding’s case – a nasty case of summer sores. We began bi-monthly volunteer orientations and met some wonderful people along the way. To make things more exciting during the summer, we began brainstorming for a documentary and started our Equine Experience program, where individuals can come to explore the synergy of healing that exists between horses and humans.
Then in August came our most successful fundraiser to date: Our very first benefit dinner and silent auction. We raised nearly $9,000 for our horses – an enormous accomplishment that we hope to repeat in 2016. (Be on the lookout on our Facebook page for when we announce the date!) And we didn’t stop there. We had a Fall Festival at the end of October and a canned food drive for the Foothills Food Bank through November. We marched in the Wild West Days Parade in Cave Creek and represented Tierra Madre at the Homes for Horses Coalition annual conference in Texas.
And through it all, we’ve had so many wonderful times with each and every one of our horses. There have been little miracles here and there and lots of laughter in between. Each one of our herd has spent this year galloping with joy in our arena and eating the best hay available and receiving the best medical care in the Valley when needed. They have been smothered with hugs and kisses and have eaten their weight in apples and carrots. They have known from the bottom of their hearts that they are loved and cherished.
All of this is because of people like you. Trainers. Vets. Farriers. Corporations and family-owned businesses. Big-hearted individuals from all walks of life. Grant writers. Event planners. Our weekly and monthly volunteers.
People who have seen us through thick and thin. People who show up in 100-degree weather to scrub buckets. People who send us a check whenever they can because they know we will use it to buy hay. People who drop off carrots and pause to kiss a few noses before going back to their busy days. People who donate supplies, their talents, and their time.
And I am here to tell each of you that we are only functioning because of you.
On behalf of all of us here at Tierra Madre, both the two-legged and four, I want to thank you for your incredible support throughout 2015. Thanks to you, we are able to continue our mission of saving the horses with nowhere else to go and making them happy. Thanks to you, our horses are home.
Keep an eye out later this month for our first ever annual expenditure report for this past year. We believe in 100% transparency here at Tierra Madre and we want to make sure each of you knows where your donations go. In the meantime, be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook if you haven’t already to follow along as we post pictures and updates on our herd.
Happy New Year, and here’s to another wonderful, productive, life-changing year!
Alexis Roeckner
Ranch Director

Revised 2015 New Volunteer Orientations


The rest of the new volunteer orientation dates for 2015 are as follows:
Saturday, October 24th, 9am – 11am
Monday, November 9th, 9am – 11am
Saturday, November 28th, 9am – 11am
Monday, December 14th, 9am – 11am
Saturday, December 26th, 9am – 11am
Originally, new volunteer orientation dates were on the last Saturday of every month with the understanding that potential new volunteers who couldn’t make an official orientation could work with our volunteer coordinator to schedule an alternative date. We are now additionally offering new volunteer orientations on the second Monday of every month for a total of two a month. These are now the only new volunteer orientations offered each month. Please note that “shadowing” or simply observing a day in the life at Tierra Madre is not a volunteer orientation.
To join our volunteer family, please call us today at 480-469-9166 or shoot us an email so we can get you down for the orientation most convenient for you. We look forward to meeting you!
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