Two weeks from today marks Giving Tuesday, a day of giving in which schools, churches, groups, businesses, and nonprofits all over the country participate. It is fueled by social media and in fact is picking up steam all over the globe.
In the craziness of the beginning of the holiday season we have Black Friday (or Black Friday weekend in some cases) as well as Cyber Monday. Those few days are usually about frantically getting the holiday shopping done, presents bought, food planned, homes decorated, clothes bought, travel tickets secured, and – if your family is anything like mine – listening to Christmas music at full blast while eating sugar cookies with reckless abandon.
Giving Tuesday is another, more selfless beast entirely.
The day after Cyber Monday and all the holiday madness is a day that offers you a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Organizations everywhere participate in Giving Tuesday by setting a goal and asking their friends, donors, and supporters to participate in their campaign with a financial contribution in the amount of their choice. Alternatively, some organizations choose action over monetary campaigns and gather their supporters to a specific task, like feeding the hungry or passing out care bags at a hospital.
And you don’t have to belong to any particular group to participate! You can start a campaign all on your own, for the cause of your choice, by downloading the complete toolkit at Giving Tuesday dot org. (Type in the website in your browser as Facebook hides posts with links!)
Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary is participating in Giving Tuesday, and we are hoping to raise $10,000 on November 28th. Originally, the plan was for the money to go towards next year’s alfalfa costs. Now, with donations in decline and medical bills on the rise, we will be using every penny to cover medical bills during the months of October, November, and December. Anything leftover will be put in reserve for 2018 medical costs.
You see, the vast majority of the horses at Tierra Madre are no spring chickens. They are older and in need of more specialized, frequent, loving care that must be paid for. Some of the older crew gets along just fine with equioxx or glucosamine and a good trim every 6-8 weeks. Nary a complaint about some arthritis or creakiness.
And some others have some more complex problems and need more medicines and supplements, x-rays, trims from our specialized therapeutic farrier, and vet check ups. Chronic laminitis cases. Mysterious nasal discharge. Teeth issues. Cellulitis. Eye problems. Ulcers.
At Tierra Madre, our mission is to take the broken, the old, the sick, the abandoned, the ones no one wants. The ones that need some extra TLC but who offer so much richness to our lives with their worldly insight, their personalities, their wisdom. Their trust.
So, we hope you will join us two weeks from today as we embark on a 24 hour campaign to raise $10,000 for these horses without whom we cannot imagine our lives. Donations can be made in advance at our website, and a separate giving platform will be available on that day as well.
Why do you give to horses?