Visitors are welcome at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 8am and 11am, but by appointment only. Appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Please call us at 480-469-9166 to make your appointment today so we can make your visit something to remember! All visitors are required to sign our waiver, which can be downloaded here: Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary official waiver.
Please be advised that all visitors who are under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian fill out a waiver on their behalf. No one but a minor’s legal parent or guardian may fill out a waiver on their behalf. All visitors under the age of 18 whose parents or legal guardians have not filled out a waiver on their behalf will be asked to leave regardless of the other family members or friends who are accompanying them.
Plugging our address into GPS will sometimes take you on a wild goose chase! Follow these directions instead:
Once you are on Tatum Boulevard, turn west onto Pinnacle Vista. (Turn right if you are driving south on Tatum, left if you are driving north.)
Once you are on Pinnacle Vista, take your very first left onto 47th street. This turn comes up after about 50 feet.
Stay on 47th street. It will curve to the right and turn into Bajada. Stay on the road until you go over two speed bumps and the road turns to dirt. We are the very first thing on the righthand side.
NOTE: Our gate will be closed when you pull up! This is to prevent any potential runaways. Please open the gate, pull in, then shut the gate behind you. You’ll see available parking straight ahead, next to the old pickup truck with a garden in the truckbed. Park and walk on down to the barn/breezeway where we will be there to welcome you to the ranch!
1. Please do not approach any of the horses until you have a) spoken to a ranch manager and b) signed a waiver. As our horses range in temperament, this is purely for your safety.
2. The horses may not be hand fed by visitors. This is to discourage nippiness and general ornery behavior. (We only like a little bit of crazy.) All apples, carrots, and treats (immensely appreciated!) can be given to them by placing the food in their bins. Because some of the horses are on special diets, we ask that you please do not feed them any hay you might find on the ground or around the hay shed.
3. We LOVE kids to come out to meet our horses! We do ask that all our young cowboys and cowgirls under the age of 12 be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
4. Dogs on leashes are welcome to accompany you to the ranch! (Our ranch dog, Lee, is very friendly.)
5. We recommend you bring water and wear comfortable walking shoes for your visit. You’ll be walking through dirt and mud, so wear clothes you don’t mind get a bit dirty!
6. Donations are always appreciated! Our suggested donation for tours is $10 per person and $25 for families (3+).
We can’t wait to see you and introduce you to our horses. And once you step foot onto our property, remember – you are FAMILY!