Sound the horns.
Beat the drums.
We are calling on our friends and supporters and followers – our family – to join us on the most critical campaign we’ve had in a long while.
We’re calling it the Power Up Rain Campaign.
As you know, our Rain was diagnosed with acute laminitis on Monday, October 10th. Luckily, we caught this horrible disease very early on, and we all – our vet at Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center, Jim, Abel, all our volunteers and I – are extremely hopeful that we can beat it.
Most importantly, Rain is hopeful. Her attitude these past few days has been great. She’s walking with discomfort, to be sure, but she’s walking. She’s diving into her (closely monitored) food at mealtimes. She’s pinning her ears when Solo saunters by in the morning hoping to schmooze her a bit. She’s being herself, and that is the best thing in the world to see.
Jim and I and the doc have put together an action plan to beat this thing.
In short, our action plan is to fight.
We’re gonna FIGHT.
Because acute laminitis, in some cases, is a killer. We’ve lost three horses to it in the number of years we’ve been in operation and we’ve managed to save one: Hollywood. And a year from now, we’re going to be saying we’ve saved two of our kids from it.
We don’t give up. We don’t give in. We march into battle against all the odds and you better believe we make our battle cries loud – LOUD – and clear:
We win these.
And this is where you come in. This is where you join us as we forward march.
We win our battles with the strength of our family at our backs. This kind of support comes in the form of the hours put in by our amazing volunteers who help us keep this place running. It comes in the form of phone calls, texts, messages, emails, and comments from you all giving us well wishes and writing words of love and support for our little girl. And it comes in the form of financial support.
That last one is critical.
So here’s the deal: We’ve broken Rain’s current and future needs into three categories:
‘Stuff’ is pretty descriptive, right? Don’t worry, I’ll clarify that in a minute.
So far, we’ve spent $671.28 on vet bills, with more to come since the vet was just out yesterday with our farrier to work on Rain’s feet. Mind you, we haven’t gotten these bills yet – this is just what I see coming out of our account online from Chaparral. Once I get those bills we’ll do a breakdown of those charges (like X-rays and medicine).
Yesterday cost us $50 to have our two wonderful farriers work on Rain’s feet with vet supervision (and because those two are so good to us I know they didn’t charge us their usual full amount).
As for STUFF… we’ve needed to spend $236.74 on soft ride boots for our little girl; $125.82 on bedding for her stall; $30.99 on a special kind of low-starch grain; and $20.15 on miscellaneous supplies which include syringes for her medicine and a short hose that we can connect to the sink in the tack room which makes it easier for us to fill her hay soaking bucket with water. Total amount for STUFF: $413.70.
Ten days in to our battle, we’re looking at $1,134.98, with another vet bill on the way and undoubtedly more to come.
NOW… We will be grant seeking and planning some fundraisers to help offset these costs plus our anticipated expenses for Rain over the next month on top of our admin costs, hay for the other 31 kids, facility upkeep, etc. It’s not fair of us to throw this entire campaign on your shoulders, and we don’t plan to.
But we sure could use your help.
I wanted to make or order something special to send to you “campaigners” who pitch in financially – whether it’s $50 or $5 – as a token of our gratitude for your support. At first, I thought of t-shirts that said POWER UP, RAIN! on them. Then I thought of wristbands, mugs, canvas bags… what could we offer donors, besides our usual handwritten postcard, that would show you our sincere and utter thanks for being a part of this battle?
In the end, I went with these prints (see picture). And not just because these cost me about ten bucks for a billion of them and I just couldn’t justify spending a bunch of money on something like t-shirts when we have these bills coming in.
No, I love this shot of Rain. To me, it shows so much.
You see, I took that shot just weeks before she gave birth to Sunny, only a few months after she’d been living at Tierra Madre. At that point, she’d transformed from the skinny, sad, timid little girl living in the round pen who flinched whenever anyone approached her to the spirited mustang who yelled for her food and happily explored the property when volunteers took her on walks.
And you can see it in her eyes in that picture.
When she came through our gates and when we told her story, people all around the country fell in love with her. She brought us new friends, new supporters, and new enthusiasm for our work. She brought new life to the ranch – figuratively and literally.
She brought us Sunny.
That’s why I suggested the name Rain when we were trying to decide what to call her. In the desert, it is a precious resource, and it gives life.
And so, if you take up our arms with us and join our campaign by making a donation in amount of your choice, we will send you this print of our baby girl so you can always have a picture of the mustang who changed Tierra Madre forever when she walked through our gates.
She’s still changing lives.
She’s still inspiring us every day.
And we will fight for her.
We will fight, and we will win.
So… let’s go, campaigners.
Right now we need $1,100 and I know we’ll need more later… but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
Even if you can’t donate, please ‘like,’ comment, and share this post so Rain’s story gets told. And “thank you,” won’t even come close to expressing our gratitude.
Because this isn’t just about raising funds – it’s about rallying together to beat this acute laminitis. It’s about working together to save a mustang in the middle of the Sonoran Desert with a story to tell and a life to live.
Join the march for our little girl and take up our battle cry:
Gather your strength, campaigners.
We’ve only just begun.
Ranch Director