Pigs are flying.
It’s July 17th, and for the first time in living memory, Studley has no active summer sores anywhere on his body.
It’s a miracle.
Those of you who’ve followed us for a long time know that Studley has struggled with summer sores ever since his first summer here with us, 2010. They’ve gotten big and they’ve gotten nasty despite all our efforts.
So in February this year, I decided to ask Dr. K about preventive measures we could take that perhaps we hadn’t thought of before, and she concocted a habronema/ivermectin topical solution which we call the magic potion around here since it works wonders. We applied it to his sores every day (and still apply it as a precaution) and had the doc come out every week for the past month to keep small sores in his eyes, the tip of his sheath, and his lip (pictured) under control.
And they’re GONE.
Take a look at those gross pictures and see the difference that daily wound care, the right medicine, and a dedicated vet makes. The difference that YOU make!
Your support allows us to do what we do. For the first time in years, Studley is getting away without wearing a cape or terribly uncomfortable fly gear and only has to stand still for ten minutes a day (as opposed to 45!) to get some preventive wound care on old scar tissue sites.
You did this! And the words “thank you” aren’t enough.
— Alexis
P.S. If you look at Studley’s latest (and last!) vet bill, you’ll see that on the same day we had Suze checked out to great results (keep scrolling down for the full report) and we had our Cadence/Tater Tot’s front hooves X-rayed. Her full report is coming as soon as I can manage it – promise! For now, you might remember she is a chronic laminitic case, and we had her x-rayed just to see how things are looking with her feet as she seemed a teensy bit off at the start of the month. Her X-rays showed significant improvement from her last radiographs in April 2016, and we had our therapeutic farrier out within the week to give her some special shoes/magic cushion for her fronts that will provide extra support.
open sore
closed sore
stud's last vet bill 7.16