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Everyone knows that our ranch – whose name translates from Spanish to Mother Earth Horse Sanctuary – isn’t just a home for happy and healthy horses. Within this desert wilderness you’ll find plenty of birds, bunnies, lizards, snakes, prairie dogs… anything and everything is welcome. All of Mother Earth’s creatures find sanctuary here – including humans! That is, after all, what Mother Earth wants.
So in addition to promoting health and happiness for all living things, we proudly show our support for all things environmental and sustainable. Whatever we can do to protect our planet from increasing human damage, whether it’s composting, growing our own community garden, or simply encouraging all who visit to decrease their carbon footprints, we do it.
Support our horses, the other critters that find home here, and the many humans who benefit from our healing ranch by buying a t-shirt today! As most horse ranches do, we live on a shoe-string budget, and we rely on the generosity of our community to continue with our operations.
These LIMITED EDITION shirts are only available until June 27th – so act now! $25 each, plus roughly $5 shipping and handling.
Shirts come in unisex or women’s slim fit and come in green, navy, indigo, purple, and charcoal.
Here’s the deal:
1) T-SHIRTS ARE ORDERED THROUGH BONFIRE. We do not have any on site!
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2) ORDER YOUR SHIRT BEFORE JUNE 27TH. That is when our campaign ends! All shirts will be shipped to their respective owners AFTER the 27th.
3) WE DO NOT HANDLE REFUNDS OR SHIPPING. All of that must be handled through Bonfire.
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5) TRY TO CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT. We know, we know, these shirts are a big deal! ;)
***Order now: https://www.bonfire.com/save-our-earth-shirts/ ***
Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN: 61-1544459.