Dang, you guys.
This month has given us vet bills we could stack as high as Bentley. And Bentley is our biggest horse.
Because we’re a nonprofit, we believe in total transparency when it comes to money around here. We’ll tell you where every penny goes and when we could use some extra help. And right now, some extra help would be awfully appreciated.
As you guys know, we’ve had a few cases of chronic laminitis around here the past few months. When we add this to our usual medicine expenses for the month, our medical bills for the month of July have really piled up. Like we said, we could stack them as high as Bentley, who’d probably try to taste test some of them in the hopes they taste like carrots.
We’ll cut to the chase: Our fundraising goal for the next month is $4,000. And we’ll break all that down for you in a minute.
First, we want to announce something we haven’t done now in some time… a raffle!
We want to make contributing financially to our case fun and rewarding to each of our amazing donors. So, from now until Monday, August 15st, with every $25 donation you will not only receive one of our brand new thank you postcards (going out in the mail soon to our 2016 donors!)….. you will receive one raffle ticket that will be entered in a grand drawing.
“What can I win?” you ask? We’ll tell you:
FIRST PRIZE: Two tickets to Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary’s annual benefit dinner and silent auction and a custom horse painting (applies for local donors only). VALUE: $200.
SECOND PRIZE: One Tierra Madre package which consists of a t-shirt in the size of your choice, a Tierra Madre decal sticker, a paperback copy of I Hear You, Horse by Jim Gath, and a custom horse painting. VALUE: $85.
THIRD PRIZE: One framed 5×7 picture of the Tierra Madre horse of your choice plus one custom horse painting. VALUE: $40.
Each raffle ticket is $25, and 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to helping us meet our $4,000 goal.
Did you donate to us in July? Then you’re already in! You will be contacted with your raffle ticket numbers within the next few days. On Tuesday, August 16th, we will have three of our horses pick the winning numbers on a live feed. Then, the winners will be contacted via email or phone number (depending on what form of contact you’ve left for us.)
By the way….if you buy a ticket for our benefit dinner and silent auction, you will receive FOUR raffle tickets. And yes – by purchasing benefit tickets, this means you can potentially win two more to give away to family or friends!
Now, let’s take a look at those costs….
This morning (Friday, July 22), our vet is visiting to inject Studley’s latest summer sore under his chin. His past few bills have amounted to roughly $300 each, so while we have not received the bill from today’s procedure, we anticipate another $300 for our resident punk ass.
[Total: $300.00]
Chiquita’s X-rays from July 14 are broken down as follows:
Call charge – $57
Radiographic set up fee – $22
Dormosedan – $25.48
Butorphanol – $27.36
Xylazine – $25
OSHA compliance fee – $3
Digital X-ray P-3 LF – $102
Digital X-ray P-3 RF – $102
Total: 363.84
We have also purchased special soft-ride boots for Chiquita for $236.74. This leads us to:
[Total: $600.58]
Sonora also was diagnosed with a minor bout of chronic laminitis. Her vet bills – also from July 14 – were as follows:
Digital X-ray P-3 LF – $102
Digital X-ray P-3 RF – $102
Total: $204
Additionally, we bought Sonora a pair of soft-ride booties as well at a total of $236.74. This bring us to:
[Total: $440.74]
~Sweet Boy~
Sweet Boy has received a diagnosis of long-term chronic laminitis in his front left hoof. His X-ray bills – also from July 14 – were as follows:
~Other medicine expenses~
This month, we have gone through…
…one tub of bute (phenylbutazone powder) and have just purchased another. Bute is given to our chronic laminitis cases plus a few others with joint stiffness. Cost: $48.26 for one tub.
…seven tubes of Equioxx for Bentley. Cost: at $5.68 each, this comes to $39.76.
…1 50mg/cc of Flunixin for Bentley. Cost: $36.82
…60 pills of Previcox (30 227mg and 30 57 mg) for Heighten, Chiquita, Sonora, Sweet Boy, Cadence, and Bentley. Cost: $335.58
[Total: $460.42]
Now, when we aim for a goal, we aim high. As you all know, these medical bills don’t cover our facility upkeep costs, labor, or food. And our horses love to eat.
So, to make this fundraiser goal a round number, we’re asking for $4,000.
Where’s that additional $1,630.42 going, you ask?
Well, this morning, we got a squeeze of alfalfa delivered to the cost of $1,100.00.
We’re also getting our manure dumpster switched out to the tune of $310.00.
And, $220.42 will cover the cost of roughly 5 bags of wheat bran and 6 bags of equine senior grain, which will last us a little more than a week.
Grand, grand, GRAND total comes to $4,000.
The good news? We’re already almost HALFWAY there! Thanks to YOUR generosity, we have $1,783 of our desired amount so far.
Done seeing numbers? We’ll stop now.
And we’ll end this by saying there is simply no way to tell you how much your support means to us.
Because you see, we don’t just appreciate the money itself when you contribute to our cause.
With every donation we receive – whether it’s a few bucks or the funds to buy enough carrots to fill our arena – we celebrate that people care about our little organization and our mission.
With every donation we receive, we know that somewhere out there, someone has made the selfless decision to give some of his or her hard earned money so one of our horses can enjoy a meal.
With every donation we receive, we are struck with the fact that our job might not be easy, but with the support of our family across the nation, we can do anything.
With every donation we receive, we are reminded that no matter what kind of hell our horses are going through, we can make them better.
And we do.
Like Jim always says, we win these.
Can’t donate? Trust us, we of all people understand how tight money gets. Don’t you think for a second you’re not part of our family.
Because with every comment you post expressing your love for our horses and encouraging us to keep going, we are reminded all over again why we do what we do.
So, village, whether it’s by dropping us $25 by clicking HERE or sharing the heck out of this post – let’s raise that $4,000. Three of you will win fabulous prizes, but if I’m allowed to be cheesy here for a moment, you all deserve prizes for your kindness, your generosity, and your friendship.
You make Tierra Madre happen. You keep us going.
I hope you never forget that.