We are looking for fun, positive people who are passionate about our mission and want to help us with fundraisers and outreach in the community!
Ambassadors will:
– help us raise money for our horses
– spend time with horse crazy people
– volunteer at all different types of FUNdraisers
– talk to the community about horses
– put creative ideas to work
– and much, much more!
This ambassador program partners our volunteer program in that both offer an incredible opportunity for individuals to serve our horses and our mission. While volunteers work hard on our property with day-to-day functions, however, ambassadors will work off it it.
They will bring their creative ideas to life to raise both funds and awareness for our ranch. They’ll engage our community by telling the horses’ stories, by pulling the heartstrings of random passerby, by sparking the interest of a potential sponsor or partner, by being a proud representative of Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary and all for which we stand: integrity; second chances; healing; and a sense of home and purpose.
Sign up today! Contact the director, Debbie, at debshewman@aol.com