Crazy goal? you ask as you read the headline above.
Oh, yes.
We are known for crazy.
We are also – hopefully – known for transparency. Tierra Madre is a public nonprofit organization, and as you know, we wholeheartedly believe our donors should know where their donations go.
So, we wanted to break down August’s (plus the last week of July) medical bills for you as well as talk about this goal of ours for September.
As Jim mentioned on Facebook the other day, you guys went above and beyond for Marvel. For those of you just tuning in, Marvel was a laminitic horse we had for five days in August before a colic impaction forced us to send him to the Great Herd.
In August, we took in $11,000 – that is ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS – in donations, roughly $6,000 of which was donated specifically for medical care and $5,000 of which was undesignated (yes, we put your money exactly where you want it!).
Marvel’s brief time at Tierra Madre continued an absolutely incredible, beautiful legacy of love and giving. For that, he’ll live on with us forever.
Now, as you’ll see below, almost 100% of August’s donations went to medical care.
The good – the best! – news is that August’s medical bills are completely paid off!
The not-so-great news? Our food, facility upkeep, and labor reserves took a big hit. Medical emergencies unfortunately come first.
In September, we are focusing on raising funds for everything NON medical related both for August and September. And our goal to cover non-medical costs for both August and September? $10,000.
We hope to accomplish this goal – through social media awareness, outreach, small fundraisers, our open ranch, and development – by September 30th.
Half of the money raised in September will go to food (alfalfa, Bermuda, Timothy, bran, grain, low starch grain, sweet feed, electrolytes, mineral salt, pro bios, glucosamine, Neigh-Lox, biotin, and psyllium), and the other half will go towards labor and facility upkeep.
Because our focus is always on the horses themselves, we rarely fundraise for overhead. But the reality is, without our handful of employees, this place does not, could not, would not run. And our poop dumpster has to be emptied every few weeks. Our trash and recycling must be picked up on Thursdays. We must buy nuts and bolts and rakes and straw and screws and duct tape and elastikon and fly spray now and then.
It’s a big number.
But if we didn’t aim high, we’d have shut our gates a long time ago.
So – will you join us? There are many ways to participate in this crazy campaign – read on!
1. Donate! Your contribution of $5, $10, or $25 goes a long way towards our horses’ care.
2. Share, share, share! Share this post with your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and random strangers. Tell our horses’ stories and talk about what Tierra Madre does.
3. Run an outreach table for us. The more we talk about our work with the community, the more friends we make and the more support our horses get. To get started, contact our outreach coordinator Holly at gypsy.dei@hotmail.com.
4. Plan a fundraiser for us. Car washes, bake sales, lemonade stands… everything adds up! We LOVE our behind-the-scenes fundraising crews!
5. Add us on Amazon Smile! Support Tierra Madre – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity by clicking here: smile.amazon.com/ch/61-1544459
6. Buy a t-shirt! Keep scrolling down our page to check out our awesome t-shirt campaign, of which half the proceeds go back to Tierra Madre.
7. Donate silent auction items for October 14th’s benefit. To donate, contact our benefit coordinator Kathi at kharvey8830@gmail.com. Your donation will be placed into a basket which will be auctioned off to raise funds for our herd!
8. Order a custom made horse painting! For $30, the horse of your choice will create a gorgeous painting for you, in the colors you choose. For more information, email us at info.tmhs@gmail.com!
You guys have stood by us through thick and thin, and we love you for it.
And we hope you’ll consider being part of this campaign!
Help us to grow our family as we continue to expand our outreach, bring more people in to be helped by our healed, happy herd, and grow as an organization.
From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you.
We couldn’t do what we do without you!
– Alexis Roeckner
Executive Director




























* If you have ANY questions about these invoices (or any other questions, for that matter), please let us know! You can email me any time at alexisroeckner@gmail.com.
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