Month: December 2017

The Ultimate Gift


As you all know, we lost our sweet little Chiquita on Thursday. But there is a little silver lining out of this loss. For those of you who don’t know, Chiquita was surrendered to us in October of 2014 by her owner, C. C adopted Chiquita from the BLM 23 or 24 years ago, when Chiquita was only a year or two old. And C boarded Chiquita for all these years, caring for her and loving her.
Earlier this month you saw that I posted about Chiquita and how she wasn’t doing well. C saw the post and texted me the most beautiful, heart-wrenching text I’ve ever received, saying that she didn’t deserve to come visit Chiquita but if I would allow, could she come spend time with her again before it was time to say goodbye? Of course we said yes in a heartbeat. And we assured C that she had done everything right by Chiquita, she shouldn’t feel guilty in any way, because if she hadn’t surrendered Chiquita, she likely wouldn’t have been able to live as long as she had. So C came to spend time with Chiquita. After a few years of not seeing each other, those two got to spend time with each other again, heads close, Chiquita munching on some carrots C had brought, just whispering little secrets to each other and remembering their happier days.
Then, on Thursday, C came out to be with her girl during her final moments. As sad as she was, she was so thankful to be with her and that she had a chance to say goodbye. Jim told her that when the sun rose the next morning, she’d see Chiquita leading the Great Herd across the sky. The doc and her assistant gave her a big part of her tail and mane and Shana very thoughtfully took down Chiquita’s name plate and gave it to her.
So, as tomorrow is Christmas Day, our sweet little girl will be pulling up that bright holiday sunrise with the Great Herd, leading the way with the essence of the desert herself Sonora, God’s warhorse Bentley, the medicine men Moose and Wild Bill, the gentle Venture and Dawnie, the Argentinian prodigy Ted, and our forever King John. She’ll be flying with the angels Akira and Steele and matching speed with the great Charlie. She is one with Secretariat and Barbaro and Man O’War and Ruffian. All others we have released to the Great Herd are there to greet her with a whinny and nudge.
Run fast, our tiny mustang. We’ll see you in the morning.


A Word On the California Fires


It’s a new day & there are some people who might need to see this, but haven’t as yet.
We can’t even begin to wrap our heads around the terror, pain & death that so many horses in SoCal are experiencing right now. Or, their two-leggeds’ on-going horror.
There’s so little that Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary can do for them right this minute. We don’t have a trailer nor extra hands to send their way.
Although we realize that it’s a long, long drive from SoCal to Phoenix, we will open our arena & our round pen & any other space we can to accommodate as many horses as we can.
We have plenty of food, supplements & helping hands here at the ranch.
Should this help anyone, please don’t hesitate to contact us at once.
May God be with you all.
Jim Gath

Giving Tuesday Success!


WOW, you guys.
The final numbers are in, and we raised $2,800 on Giving Tuesday!
Thanks to you, we were able to pay these vet bills from the past week or so. They total up to $3,014.42, nearly ALL of which is covered from our Giving Tuesday campaign! And for such a big number, it’s truly incredible to see us get so close.
You guys are truly amazing. And all of us here are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.
Thanks to you, Suze can receive another round of treatment for her cellulitis and Studley can get another professional wound care procedure for his summer sores (dang those flies!). Thanks to you, laminitic horses like Tater are walking better than ever and Rusty’s ulcerated eyes are nearly at full recovery.
We’re still catching up on October’s bills and continue to fundraise for food, labor, and facility upkeep costs (which – as you can imagine – are in the thousands each month). And so… It’s not too late to make a contribution if you would like to be a part of our end-of-the-year campaign!
Go to our website at tierramadrehorsesanctuary dot org/donate to make a gift to our herd! 100% of your donation goes to their health and happiness. And remember – your donation is tax-deductible!
Thank you to EVERYBODY who participated in our #GivingTuesday campaign. We are humbled, overjoyed, and honored to have you as part of our our family.
With gratitude,
Alexis and the Tierra Madre team

‘HORSE Day’ In Cave Creek


Join the Tierra Madre family while Jim and Alexis sign books (100% of proceeds go to the horses!) and talk about the horses that inspired them. Light refreshments will be served, and plenty of Tierra Madre paintings, pictures, and other fun stuff will be available for purchase (plus, a few lucky winners by take home stuff for free!). See you there!
First – The veterinarians of Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center will discuss a whole slew of issues that horses face – & how to deal with them (at Foothills Community Center, 10A-2P)
Second – A discussion & book signing with the leaders of Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary – Jim Gath & Alexis Roeckner Ferri (at American Legion Post #34 (7-9P)


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