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Come meet the herd! We’re opening our gates to our community on August 12th to show off our horses and celebrate our generous $10K grant from the ASPCA. Learn about our mission, horsemanship, and a bit about our Equine Experiential Coaching program. You may even experience a bit of the magic of the program yourself as you interact with our 31 horses who have been through so much.

Meet Suze, who became the first horse at Tierra Madre to require off-site hospitalization and who is back home after a week at Chaparral in June and loving life. Meet Tommy, our oldest resident at 32 who and adores making new friends! Meet Iron Man, a tall, dark and handsome OTTB who stopped in his tracks during his 120th race and told his owners he was done. Our horses are as diverse as they come and one of their favorite pastimes (besides eating anything in front of them) is meeting the friends, donors, supporters, volunteers, and community members who help them thrive!

Bring the family, friends, the neighbors, coworkers, and random strangers on August 12th for a relaxed, laid-back morning!

Hope to see you there!

sunny bath



Pigs are flying.
It’s July 17th, and for the first time in living memory, Studley has no active summer sores anywhere on his body.
It’s a miracle.
Those of you who’ve followed us for a long time know that Studley has struggled with summer sores ever since his first summer here with us, 2010. They’ve gotten big and they’ve gotten nasty despite all our efforts.
So in February this year, I decided to ask Dr. K about preventive measures we could take that perhaps we hadn’t thought of before, and she concocted a habronema/ivermectin topical solution which we call the magic potion around here since it works wonders. We applied it to his sores every day (and still apply it as a precaution) and had the doc come out every week for the past month to keep small sores in his eyes, the tip of his sheath, and his lip (pictured) under control.
And they’re GONE.
Take a look at those gross pictures and see the difference that daily wound care, the right medicine, and a dedicated vet makes. The difference that YOU make!
Your support allows us to do what we do. For the first time in years, Studley is getting away without wearing a cape or terribly uncomfortable fly gear and only has to stand still for ten minutes a day (as opposed to 45!) to get some preventive wound care on old scar tissue sites.
You did this! And the words “thank you” aren’t enough.
— Alexis
P.S. If you look at Studley’s latest (and last!) vet bill, you’ll see that on the same day we had Suze checked out to great results (keep scrolling down for the full report) and we had our Cadence/Tater Tot’s front hooves X-rayed. Her full report is coming as soon as I can manage it – promise! For now, you might remember she is a chronic laminitic case, and we had her x-rayed just to see how things are looking with her feet as she seemed a teensy bit off at the start of the month. Her X-rays showed significant improvement from her last radiographs in April 2016, and we had our therapeutic farrier out within the week to give her some special shoes/magic cushion for her fronts that will provide extra support.
open sore
closed sore
stud's last vet bill 7.16


We could not be more honored or humbled to announce that Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary has been selected to receive an incredibly generous $10,000 grant from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (the ASPCA) in recognition of our efforts for the Help A Horse Day contest in April!
The ASPCA holds a national contest every April (called Help A Horse Day) in which nonprofit horse rescues and sanctuaries compete for grant prizes up to $25,000. The goal of the contest is to raise awareness for the plight of horses everywhere.
As you can imagine, many wonderful organizations hold incredible fundraisers for this contest, and to be recognized by the ASPCA is one of the highest honors for which a small horse sanctuary in the middle of the desert could have possibly asked!
As outlined in our original grant application, $5k of the ASPCA’s grant will go to our horses’ food over the next six months and the other $5k will be divided among some of our necessary operating expenses including facility upkeep, labor, and administrative costs. All expenditures will be documented, receipts saved, photos taken, and we will post regular updates over the course of our grant term.
With this grant, Tierra Madre will continue to further our mission of nurturing the circle of healing between human and horse through the ever-developing Equine Experiential Coaching program.
This is an incredible accomplishment of which everybody within the Tierra Madre family should be very, very proud.
We want to congratulate our fellow winners for their accomplishments, and with deepest gratitude, appreciation, and humility, we want to thank the ASPCA for their incredible work in speaking for the voiceless and for this generous award!
We want to give special thanks to everyone who made our Help A Horse Day event so successful, first and foremost to our AMAZING team of volunteers who manned tables and booths out of such incredible love for the horses and who also worked hard during the week leading up to the event to spread the word and clean the ranch up in preparation.
We also want to thank the wonderful individuals who made generous in kind donations to our ranch for the cause – most particularly the Bereckis family who donated burgers and buns, t-shirts, a grill, our awesome banner, and more to the cause!
Special recognition additionally goes to our vendors who shared the day with us by selling their handmade, one-of-a-kind merchandise and donated a portion of their profits to us: Butte Creations​, GypsyBound, IntrinsicAllure​, Laura McCawley Origami Owl Independent Design #10670678, Lularoe Amber Friend​, Birdytell, Froth Coffee and Tap Truck, and SolarCity​. Gratitude also goes to Liz of Liz Lee Studios for taking such incredible pictures of the event and documenting the experience for the ranch. And enormous thanks of course go to our Equine Experiential Coaching program director Christine – not only for talking about our program to passerby all day, but for all her hard work in creating such an incredible opportunity for individuals to explore the healing power of horses.
My planning committee who helped plan and oversee our Help A Horse Day event is deserving of so much credit and appreciation, most particularly my partner in crime, planner extraordinaire Kathi H. who worked her magic on the little details and came up with the fun theme of “32 and U.” Kathi, we couldn’t have done it without you.
I also personally want to thank Jim, our founder and president of Tierra Madre who happens to be both my boss and one of my best friends in the world, for handing over the reins and running with the craziest of ideas. His support of me and the rest of our team gives us all the wings we need to fly.
And finally, all of us here at the ranch give thanks to each of YOU for supporting us – both on Help A Horse Day and every other day. Followers, donors, friends, volunteers, supporters from afar… you are all family, and we are so, so glad to have you along for this wonderful ride.
Now… we celebrate!!
– Alexis Roeckner
Executive Director

Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN: 61-1544459.

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