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Rain and Sunny
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Hangin’ Around
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Horsen’ Around
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Life is Good
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Guess and Bella
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I Hear You, Horse by Jim Gath
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Signed copy: $25

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  I Hear You, Horse. is full of meaningful life adventures as shared by an ex-corporate executive who found his calling when he founded the non-profit organization, Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary. Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary, located in Cave Creek, Arizona, is a sanctuary rescue ranch – a “Forever Home” to 31 previously unwanted, neglected, injured or abused horses. Ex-racehorses, ex-show horses, ex-rodeo horses, ex-ranch horses, ex-trail horses – horses of all sizes and breeds have found their way to Tierra Madre. Jim Gath comes from a family of horsemen – his grandfather was a trick rider, trainer and horse trader, one of his uncles was a jockey and another was an owner of rather questionably talented racehorses.


As a kid, horses were an important part of his life, but he began his adult life taking a different trail. This book provides a guide that offers riders a proven method of establishing an excellent physical and emotional relationship with their horse. Horses are great at trying to tell us what they need. The trouble is we aren’t always listening! Horses communicate with body language and behavior to inform us when something isn’t right. Sometimes it is a question of understanding their behavior, sometimes it means we need to change our way of handling them. Author Jim Gath has never, ever met a horse he didn’t like. “You just have to listen to them”, he says. “They’ll tell you everything you need to know.” TIERRA MADRE HORSE SANCTUARY is simply a very nice, very loving home for horses who, through no fault of their own, have no better place to go. Good food, good care, a lot of room, a lot of love and understanding and a lot of treats – a place where horses can enjoy being horses. Jim Gath is also the author of 264 W 40th Street – A memoir of his life in New York City in the 1970’s.


Diary of a Horseman: My Life and Times at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary by Jim Gath

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Signed copy: $25


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Jim Gath was a corporate executive for many years. Although he grew up around horses, including race horses, his adult career path took him in a very different direction. Jim Gath was one of the founders of USA TODAY and worked for the Turner Broadcasting System. He even ran a couple of his own marketing companies. Along the way, though, Jim realized that none of this was making him happy. He made a decision that would change his life forever. He had to get back to his roots. He realized that he was happiest when he was around horses. So, he changed his life. He got a few horses, gave riding lessons and happily hung out with his horses, until he was touched by the realization that there were many, many horses throughout this land that needed a happy, healthy home.


That day was the day that Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary was born. Through Jim’s eyes and spirit displayed in his writing, you can almost live that life with him. In Jim Gath’s book, Diary of a Horseman: My Life and Times at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary, you will meet some horses – some famous, some that no one has ever heard of – until now. You will learn what it’s like to live on “Tierra Madre” – Mother Earth. His essays will make you laugh and make you cry. You might even decide to change your own life in one way or another. You will learn what dedication is all about.


A Year With Angels: A year in the life at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary by Alexis Roeckner

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Signed copy: $25

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On June 1, 2009, high school senior Alexis Roeckner stepped into Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary and discovered an extraordinary world in which horses were treated as family and given the single task of being happy for the rest of their lives. A forever home to horses that had been abused, neglected, injured or simply unwanted, Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary is a place that gives each unique animal a chance to both heal from traumatic experiences and learn to trust again. Roeckner originally intended to stay long enough to complete a community service project for her school, but soon enough, she found herself connected to each of the horses and inspired by the way they loved life despite their pasts. She sought to write about each day’s adventures in a journal and realized over the course of several months that she was not just documenting the daily happenings of the sanctuary, she was telling the horses’ incredible stories.
A Year With Angels is that journal she kept from June 2009 to May 2010. Separated into the four seasons, A Year With Angels is a book that is filled with wisdom learned from inspirational animals, tells stories of courage, loss, and everyday miracles, and highlights the unbreakable, healing bond of love between human and horse that embodies the mission of Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary.

Custerfluck by Jim Gath

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Signed copy: $25

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When Valerie and Jackie, a pair of attractive young advertising executives from New York City, meet up in a saloon in the Arizona desert, with Jake, a dusty but big-hearted local cowboy, they had no idea that all of their lives would forever change. Unbeknownst to Valerie, she has inherited a small fortune from the father she never knew. After finally being found and apprised of her father’s will by Milton Shebach, Esq., a Manhattan lawyer with a penchant for lunch at The Four Seasons, all Valerie has to do is deliver her parents’ ashes to her Uncle Arch, a chicken and egg farmer in Marion, Indiana and the fortune would be hers. Little does Valerie know that Lisa, the half-sister she’s never met, has designs on their father’s posthumous bounty as well. Lisa and her husband, Walt, devise a maniacal plan to steal the ashes from Valerie and pass off an imposter as Valerie. Walt has his own secrets, too. Even Lisa is unaware of them. In addition to his career as a mogul in rice futures, he’s deeply involved in an international ring of illicit traders specializing in the import and export of endangered and exotic animals. Having fallen head over heels for each other, Jake and Valerie come to the other’s rescue; she, to donate a huge amount of money to Jake’s horse sanctuary and he, to help her deliver her parents ashes to Indiana. Jackie is along for the ride, too – a city girl who learns how to play ‘Cows’ somewhere on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Over a several-day period, Jake and the girls encounter a plethora of absurd characters, from has-been detectives to wayward religious fanatics to meth dealers to Jon Voight and Rudy Giuliani to the producers of Shark Tank and many more that you wouldn‘t necessarily want to introduce to your mother. A high-speed chase results in the absurd converging on Arch’s farm in a cloud of dust one fateful morning. It is up to Marion Police Lt. George Armstrong Custer to sort out the entire mess. And, according to Arch’s son, JP, the whole thing is one gigantic clusterfu—–er, Custerfluck.

264 West 40th Street by Jim Gath

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Signed copy: $25

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264 West 40th Street is about a life lived in New York City by a young man in the mid 1970’s. The memoir begins with author Jim Gath’s arrival in New York, an uninitiated newcomer to the fountain business. It follows him through the years as he encounters some of the remarkable, some famous and some not so famous people one meets in New York City. The memoir follows the author as he interacts with the different characters and how he ultimately impacts the growth of a family business as well as his personal growth. This is a very personal and entertaining story set against the backdrop of a massive city of unmatchable energy and personalities. As Jim Gath says, “We were living the life of urban cowboys. We didn’t answer to anybody. Did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. No rules. No barriers. No concrete expectations and no regrets. Just a constantly changing horizon. No real vision for the future. And that was good. And bad. It was taking life as it comes and bring it on. We’ll deal with it when it gets here.
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